killing time  
left: Installation View of "Killing Time"
2006/7 Dimensions variable
"Killing Time"
An installation comprising, sculpture, drawing, and video using time itself as an art material.
The ritualised and repetitive processes
used in physically making the work
evoke the emotional states of anxiety and control.

Below: "Fetish IV" 2007 (part of Killing Time
installation) approx. 110x45x40 cm
Below: Fetish III, 2006 Orange peel and wire
Part of Installation at Hewitt's Chapel, Devon
fetish III
Solo Shows
2007 Killing Time, Centrespace Gallery. Bristol
2006 All My Skins, Hewitt's Chapel, Lynton, Devon
2006 The Michael Barnard Award
2006 The Centrespace Gallery Award
climbing men