Process based work made from discarded aluminium drinks cans which have been manipulated into an origami shape (the Fortune Teller). 

The making of my current body of work involves a ritualised process; the washing of the cans, the drying and then the cutting during this time the cans are reduced in size as they are flattened using very little space.  Then begins the process of folding…Those square flattened folded shapes and then transformed by pressing out the multiple shapes and assembling the new material which again consumes space.  This process could be seen as cathartic through the renewal of the life of the can albeit in another form.

Collecting of materials is an ongoing part of my work.  I am concerned with structure, surface and texture.


Manipulated Stella Artois cans


"Stellar" 2015

Manipulated Stella Artois cans

Totem detail

Above; detail from "Totem"

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Three Towers

Above and below;

"Three Towers" 2015





Three Towers view2







"Totem" 2015

Manipulated drinks cans






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"Rocket" 2015

Manipulated drinks cans