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Polymorphs and Cells (Alien forms)


Both the polymorphs and the cells have a sense of not belonging in their environment.


This series derived from line drawings that I then reinterpreted using cable ties as a repetitive motif.  The Perspex serves as an “eye”.

The overall appearance bears a resemblance to a micro organism such as may be found within a human or animal body.

The materials used are industrial they are man-made, and are in opposition to the organic nature of the structure itself.

Above: Cell, 2010
Perspex, steel and Cable Ties












Right: Organism, 2010
Perspex, steel and Cable Ties




This series is again derived from textural line drawings.  It involved the collecting and accumulating of the discarded materials (string, plastic bags and wire) used to make the work. 

A knitted skin or surface forms a polymorphous tunnel. When combined with the expanding foam the skin becomes a barrier that is breached in places causing spillage, so that both the inside and the outside are simultaneously visible.




Above: Polymorph, 2011
Knitted String and Expanding Foam










Right: Polymorphous II
Plinth and Mixed Media

Details available on request