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Death & Desire Series

http:Angela Read Bubble drawing

Top:Bubble Drawing 2006
Soap, food dye & ink






These Assemblages were influenced by my reading material at that time, George Bataille’s; “Literature & Evil”, Visions of Excess”, “The story of the eye” and “Tears of Eros”.  The emotive language of Chaos Theory also played its part.

The work began as bubble drawings.  The wrestling figures are, paradoxically, bound and also fragmented.  They suggest changed states via movement but they are still. 

Are they being swallowed up by the universe or by their own desire? 

The Skeletal figures are animated by means of adornment, a kind of re fleshing. 










Right: "Bodies", 2014
Layered drawing


Http:Angela Read Sculptural Assemblage Left: Horn, 2011
Assemblage from found objects and modroc

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