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Metamorphic Prints


Angela Read Art Rorschach Rabbit

Above:"Rorschach Rabbit", digitally manipulated print 2007


Angela Read Art Strange Atractor Digitally Manipulated Print

Above:"Strange Attractor", digitally manipulated print 2007


These prints started life as photographs taken of my orange peel sculptures. The imagery has been digitally manipulated, by cropping, copying, mirroring and multiplying. The images morph into something else still related to but divorced from the original form.  The resultant image is akin to a Rorschach test, the pattern reveals a multiplicity of things such as insects and masks etc.

I suppose this is the mind finding order in chaos, looking for the familiar in the unfamiliar.  When I was a child the curtains in my bedroom had an abstract pattern, at night the curtains would become alive with things with eyes.







Opposite:"Mirror", digitally manipulated print 2007

Angela Read Art Mirror

Angela Read Art Digitally manipulated Print Green Man

Above:"Green Man", digitally manipulated print 2007





Below:"Mashrabiya", digitally manipulated print 2007


Angela Read Art Mashrabiya



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